A brand new range of jewellery inspired from nature and traditional Myanmar, African and European fabrics!

What I find interesting is change the nature of the material I use, working it as if it was made of a different component.

Orders and personalized designs are accepted. My challenge and pleasure is adapt the colors, size and design of the jewelries I create to the client’s personality  and morphology.  What interests me, except of creation, is see the smile and satisfaction on the face of my clients. These are small moments of happiness…

EVERY jewelry is NOT reproduced in many copies.

EVERY person IS different and special as well as the jewelries she (he) wears.

Balloon-Flower earrings. Design by Andromachi Lykartsi

“Balloon-Flower” earrings. © 2017, LYKARTSI

“Balloon-Flower” earrings: Silver string with rose quartz & peridot gemstones.  Provenience of the gemstones: Myanmar. Designed by Andromachi Lykartsi.


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