©2011,Logo Lykartsi originalMakhi’s will is bridging cultures through design, tieing together the use of renewable natural materials with the social challenge facing humanity. Makhi’s seek is to promote the constant improvement by the sharing of knowledge and by the encouraging direct and open communication with the native hand crafters around the world, in a dynamic “conversation” between cultures (Europe-Africa-Asia). Cultivating conversations and mutual empathy through eco and sustainable design seeks to embrace cultural authenticity and ecological integration.

Applications of this philosophy range from the microcosm-small objects from everyday use through to the macrocosm-indoor and outdoor space layout. It is a philosophy that can be applied in the fields of industrial, interior, graphic and fashion design.

Makhi’s final creations are influenced by the changing and timeless nature’s shapes.The design and the ergonomy are sublimated by the “spiritual fusion” of ancient and contemporary civilisations. The energy and the ancestral knowledge of local craftsmen make each object a unique piece. The right of humanity and nature co-exist in a sustainable condition.

Poetry intrudes people’s everyday life and makes them “travel” with the effect to provoke emotional and sensual reactions improving their wellbeing.

The Makhi’s design principle is the result of the relationship between spirit and matter, humanity and nature, present and past, travel and stay.